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Hiroto Aizawa


Began studying the Tsugaru Shamisen in Tsugaru, the birthplace of the instrument. 


Won the 3rd prize at the 2019 World Tsugaru Shamisen Competition.

With the language skills Hiroto Aizawa gained through studying abroad, he visited France, Canada, England, Poland, Germany, The Czech Republic, Switzerland and Hungary. 


In February of last year, Hiroto Aizawa was invited as a guest performer at the 2018 Japan Habba in Bangalore, India through the Japanese Embassy support project. He received a standing ovation for his performance.  


Performed in Dalian, China for a project through the prefecture of Aomori in August 2018.


Hiroto Aizawa visited Nantes, France to perform. As well, he contributed to the town by teaching Japanese cultural traditions to the people of Nantes in French. 


The act of tearing down language barriers is a difficult task for many Japanese performers but Hiroto Aizawa is an exception. Hiroto Aizawa is the up and coming performer who is sure to succeed in this rapidly changing global society. 

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